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Why Choose Us

We promise to provide your family with the best customer service and highest quality monument made from the finest granite available.


Sanderson Monument has been dedicated to our customers for 150 years. We have industry knowledge that spans 5 generations. Not sure where to start? Call us, we will help.


Granite is a premium material chosen for its durability and intricate patterns. We have sourced the best grades of granite to help memorialize your family history.


Skill, style, and fine detail are all qualities we put into every piece that goes through our facility. From the layout to production and delivery, we strive to make the best monuments possible.

Lifetime Guarantee

We guarantee that the granite your monument is made of will be free of cracks or defects and will be a beautiful memorial to your loved ones for a very long time.

Meet the Sanderson’s

Don & Donna Sanderson
Don & Donna Sanderson
Scott Sanderson
Scott Sanderson
Neil Sanderson
Neil Sanderson
Mark Sanderson
Mark Sanderson
Janet Sanderson
Janet Sanderson
Mary Sanderson
Mary Sanderson

Client Testimonials

Means a lot
Means a lotBrenda

When I went to the cemetery and I was shocked Ed's stone was delivered right before the anniversary of his passing, and his birthday. It means a lot to me and my family. The stone looks beautiful, I love the colour and the tree. It turned out perfect. Thank you so much!


I am so pleased with my parents monument. It is nicer than I had imagined. What was a difficult thing to do, was made very supportive by your patience, kindness and advice.
Thank you.


I will always recommend Sanderson Monument to others. All you have to do is walk through a cemetery, we did and no matter the age, it was easy to spot a Sanderson Monument because the quality is exceptional. We bought our monument 25 years ago and it still looks new.

Wonderful Experience
Wonderful ExperienceRoseAnn

My brother and I cannot say enough about the excellent quality of care Sanderson Monuments showed us for both our parents monuments. Almost 30 years apart and during a difficult time, they provided us with sincere and warm advice. A wonderful family business.

Highly Recommended
Highly RecommendedHolly

Just wanted to say how happy I am with the design team and all the staff at Sanderson Monument. Everything was excellent.

For my son
For my sonKristin

You all did a great job. My son's headstone is beautiful. Thank you.

Thank you
Thank youTannis

We went to Queensville and saw the completed stone. A real work of art, that I know my parents would be proud of. Thank you to the Sanderson Team, a job well done.

Extremely Satisfied
Extremely SatisfiedRob

Our family has been using Sanderson for years and remain extremely satisfied. All of our future needs go to Sanderson Monument.

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  • I have never bought a monument before, where do I begin?

    With the purchase of any memorial there are five basic decisions that have to be made; they are style, size, material, finish and design. At Sanderson Monument we can help guide you through these decisions to create a memorial that reflects your loved ones beliefs and values.

  • Do we need to purchase a monument as soon as a death has occurred?

    No. Some families are ready to purchase a memorial soon after, other families need more time to grieve and heal. There is no correct time to wait. We encourage families to take the necessary time to grieve before purchasing a monument.

  • Do all cemeteries allow the same type of monuments?

    Every cemetery has their own set of rules and regulations. We are familiar with the different cemeteries and we are able to help guide you to ensure that what you choose will conform to your cemetery.

  • How long does take to make a monument?

    Depending on the complexity of the monument and design, it usually takes 6 - 10 weeks from the time a monument is purchased until it is installed in the cemetery.

  • Where does the granite come from?

    There are a few colours of granite, such as grey and pink, that come from quarries in Canada and United States. The rest of the granite comes from all over the world.

  • Are all granites equal?

    No. There is a wide range of granites that monument companies will use. Some companies cut costs by using inferior granites. It might take 10 - 15 years but these inferior granites can fade, discolour or crack over time. At Sanderson Monument we will only use the highest quality granite and we give a lifetime guarantee.

  • How long will a monument last?

    If quality materials and workmanship are used, a monument will last for hundreds of years so that future generations have a place to connect to the past. This was R.J. Sanderson's philosophy in 1872 and has been passed down for 5 generations.

  • If I want a special shape or design can you do it?

    Absolutely, we have full time artist and designers on staff that can personalize any design or idea you have.
    We use time tested craftsmanship with modern technology to carve those ideas into granite to create a monument that is specific to you.

  • How much does a monument cost?

    There are many variables that will determine the cost of a monument such as style, size, material, finish and design. The average flat marker families choose cost between $600 - $1000. The average upright style monument families purchase cost between $3000 - $6000.